One of the most important security wings of the country in NCC. It is well known for its ideals of instilling skill, discipline and unity among its cadets. It is a Tri-Services organization comprising of Army, Navy and the Air Force. This organization is busy in grooming the youth in the country to be disciplined and become the patriotic citizens. It is a voluntary organization.

Our college has adopted NCC activities in 1958. In the beginning only one platoon of NCC was sanctioned but immediately after Chinease aggression in 1962, one more platoon of NCC was included. Both the platoons are under the command of the professors of the college. These professors have been commissioned by the Army viz. Dr. A. Saxena, Professor D.C.Soni, Major (Dr.) Ashok Sharma. Under the guidance of these Professors, our College has achieved landmark success in accomplishing this hard work of providing training to N.C.C. cadets of the college.

At present Lt. Vinod Balani has been shouldering the responsibility of providing this hard training to the candidates opting for N.C.C. Lt. Vinod Balani is satisfied with the performance of the cadets, who have joined N.C.C.

As per the national policy, our college has been restructuring the NCC wing from time to time. In the beginning only NCC rifles was active. Subsequently NCC Company and artillery was included in it. At present our college imparts 54 cadets military training. Out of which 33% seats are reserved for girls. The eligibility process takes place in the month of August every year.

The utility of the training can very well be judged by the fact that these NCC cadets become eligible for appearing in ‘C’ certificate examination, just by attending two camps within a span of 3 years training.

The candidates holding ‘C’ certificate become eligible for direct recruitment in the armed forces just by facing the S.S.B interview board. The successful candidates are included in the regular commission of the army.

Our NCC cadets acquire good experience by taking parts in national utility camps, army attachment camps, All Indian summer training camps and Republic day parades etc.

These cadets also get an opportunity of foreign tours under youth exchange programme. Our students have won many prizes and medals by taking part in the NCC related activities. The motto of our college is to encourage these cadets to join the army and serve the motherland.

It would be worthwhile to   mention here that NCC is one of the four main activities of the Government of Rajasthan Participation made compulsory by the under the new policy of 2016-17.